How to Avoid Sewage Problems in Bergen County or Anywhere in the World

During my brief vacation in Bergan County, I ran into some problems at the residence where I was staying, the residence of my 85-year-old great-aunt. And the problem we had was related to the clogging of the sewer. Cleaning the sewer was my uncle’s responsibility but he was in the hospital and couldn’t clean it promptly. As I didn’t know the house’s facilities and the sewage system (the house is quite old), I had to call someone responsible for sewer and drain cleaning in Bergen county

The sewer cleaning service was excellent and fast, and in addition, the workers gave tips to my aunt and me to keep the sewer system clean and sustainable so that major problems do not occur.One of the tips were:*Use periodically in a solution of baking soda and vinegar to degrease the sewer box. This tip is simple, it can be done at any time and will prevent the accumulation of sewage;* Clean lines with water and use drain cleaners, preferably in the bathroom*Clean lines frequently using enzyme cleaners and placing them in a large drain.* Use drain cleaners on your lines a few times a year.* Call a qualified professional specialized in sewage cleaning and drainage if the situation is of medium or high severity, or low if the client prefers. These tips are useful for everyone, whether it is for those who have experience in this type of activity, for those who have no experience, or simply for those who do not want to get their hands dirty with this activity, which can be unhealthy for most people. if you do, it is to call a professional, after all, no one wants to deal with blockages or an overflowing sewer.The important thing is to always prevent yourself, stay calm and seek knowledge so that unpleasant situations are avoided.