Going From Are We There Yet To Taking The Wheel Teaching Your Teen How To Deal With Disaster On The Road

Many times with children, it seems like time flies by. In no time at all kids go From Are We There Yet To Taking The Wheel Teaching Your Teen How To Deal With Disaster On The Road. There is no doubt, getting a driver’s license is a big milestone for every teenager. While the dangers of teen driving can be alarming, this isn’t a reason to completely take away the teen’s independence. By simply following a few simple tips, a parent can relax.

Training for Driving Success

In order to establish good habits, choose a reputable driving school. Driving behind the wheel training is mandatory before a teen receives a license. It is worth the cost of hiring an instructor for lessons. They not only are up to date on the latest traffic laws, they also have a great understanding of the dangers that come with teen driving. They can help the teen understand and avoid issues down the road. There is something about feedback from a party that isn’t a parent, as it comes across in nonjudgmental way.

Stay Calm

When the parent does ride in the car with the teen, it is very common to be anxious. While it is important to be cautious and looking for any danger that they may not be noticing, try to hold back on the urge to shout or be over critical at the them while they are driving.


No skill is mastered without practice. Provide the teen with a safe and reliable vehicle. Allow them to drive as much as possible when you are in the car. It’s okay to allow them to do short trips as well as practice on longer highway outings. This will allow them to learn how to drive in different road conditions and traffic.

Following these steps can make a big difference in how responsible a driver the teen turns out to be. This is the best way to avoid accidents as well as injuries to them and others as they set out on their own. In the event they do encounter an accident, make sure they know to stay calm, call the police and report the accident. Then, exchange information with the other driver, take notes as well as photos and call home. Once all of this has been taken care of, they need to get with their parent or guardian and consult with an attorney.